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Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes

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Achieve effortless beauty with our Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes. Easy to apply, no glue needed. Get long-lasting, natural-looking lashes today!

❤️ No glue or eyeliner needed
✨ Reusable and washable (12+ times)
🌿 Hypoallergenic and Non-Toxic

Revolutionize Your Routine with Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes

Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes202404141317 1
Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes202404141317 1

Reusable and Washable

These falsies are reusable and washable, which means they are more sanitary for long use. Each pack includes an extra adhesive strip that won’t fall off after repeated use.

Natural Eyelashes

The self-adhesive eyelashes have a nice curling radian and blend seamlessly with your real lashes, making your eyes bigger and more glamourous. They are as natural as your real eyelashes, without the feeling of wearing false lashes!

Apply Them In Seconds

These lashes come with an already attached adhesive lining, Perfect for beginners or pros alike, Save time and effort. Just peel, stick, and slay!

No More Glue, Or Eyeliner

Say goodbye to those messy toxic glues, and to the grimy magnetic eyeliners that cause us troubles. These lashes are glue and eyeliner free, making your life easier than ever

Real people, Real results

Over 72,500+ Women Switched To Self-Adhesive Lashes In 2023

96% of Women reported effortless application in mere seconds.

93% of Women reported weightless wear for up to 48 hours.

95% of Women found our adhesive easy to remove without any discomfort.

90% of Women Noticed that this product has significantly improved their life.

What Babes Are Saying

Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes202404141317 8

Rose E.

“Ok hear me out. I just got these and tried them for the first time. Im also complete lashes noob, i dont do fake lashes (glue ones), i wanted extensions for the longest time but decided to give these a try first. Love them, i was super clumsy at first, but needless to say it was super easy putting them on. it was easy enough and they’re lovely. Also i ordered thick, and that’s exactly what i got”

Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes202404141317 1

Karen D.

“I love them ! Easy to use & this older gal finds it hard to see to curl & put mascara on. I will be ordering more when I get good deal to share with others I love. Great product, if anyone was wondering I’m wearing the natural eyelash version, my daughter loves her thick one.”

Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes


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